Farmhouse Foodie Meal Plans

I grew up on a farm in southern Iowa and learned all about meal planning and working within a budget from my mom. Now I currently meal plan for a month at a time to help manage my limited free time. My go-to food style is Midwestern comfort food, but with a twist as we have food allergies in the family. Several of my past clients include a family where the dad was a body builder, a totally gluten free, dairy free household, and a stay at home mom looking to get out of her rut. 

Save yourself from the 4:30pm “What’s for Dinner?” stress!

Each plan consists of a 30 minute consultation to personalize the menu to your family’s dietary needs and tastes.

Busy Bee

14 Day Dinner Menu – $30

30 Day Dinner Menu – $50

Does not include recipes or grocery list

Chaos Coordinator

14 Day Dinner Menu (includes 6-8 recipes) – $75

30 Day Menu (includes 14-16 recipes) – $110

Circus Ringmaster

14 to 30 Day Menu Plan (Includes recipes and grocery list) – priced hourly

Every afternoon around 4:00 pm, I dreaded the same thing- what to make for dinner. I didn’t know what we had and it always seemed exhausting. After I started menu planning with Farmhouse foodie meals, dinner time is no longer a sigh-inducing dilemma.

-Traci S

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