Sparklers and Shenanigans

Sparklers, glowstick parties, shenanigans, and backyard fireworks just might become our new 4th of July tradition. Did you start any new traditions this year? ⠀

It never ceases to amaze me how Luke arranges shenanigans and convince me to go along with it all. With roughly 35 people in our yard to enjoy it, the firework display the guys pulled together at the last minute rivaled my small hometown firework display. Neighbors I hadn’t even met yet showed up – a definite perk of country life is the sense of community. ⠀

The girls loved showing off their {gifted} matching outfits from Sparkle In Pink to all of their new friends and led the group in chanting “we want more!” while we waited for the next set of fireworks. ⠀

Check out Sparkle In Pink for their adorable and affordable clothing options.

Published by raisingprincesswarriors

Just a mom writing about my journey through motherhood, postpartum depression and anxiety, while working full time. Cooking and menu planning help keep me sane.

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