Mile High Dinner At El Five

There are so many fun places to check out when you’re in Denver! The mountains, the mood, the atmosphere. Something about your attitude changes the minute you land in Colorado.

It can be difficult to close where to go, especially when your stay is short. My friends and I only had the weekend to hang out, so we had to make sure every minute count. We weren’t sure where to go until El Five Denver was recommended to us.

El Five Denver has a spectacular skyline view of down town Denver and features a Mediterranean food with a unique twist on flavors. It’s funky, yet fun atmosphere made it the perfect spot for a girls night out.

We started the evening out with a small portion delicious warm salad. After some discussion, we each decided to order a tapa to share and end the meal with a paella. First up was the goat cheese croquettes. The crispy outer layer paired beautifully with the tangy melted goat cheese. The greens were refreshing after the richness of the goat cheese.

The server was amazing at timing our courses and brought out our Lebanese Garlic Dip right as we finished the croquettes.  The house-made pita was amazing with just the right amount of garlic and oil to pair with the dip.

A new flavor for me was the Harrisa Eggplant Fries – with mint and a lemon yogurt dip, the taste burst on my tongue. The eggplant fries were perfectly crispy and very addicting.

The next item our server brought out was one I had been dreaming of ever since we decided to go to El Five Denver – Shawarma Lamb Ribs. This is easily one of the best foods I have ever eaten. The discussion of shawarma on the Uber ride to the restaurant led to peels of laughter as we all butchered the correct pronunciation to the amusement of our driver.

When the paella was served, this pregnant mama had to take a pass. The Lobster and Jamon Iberico was beautifully plated and I’m sure was as excellent as everything else we ate that evening.

We rounded out the evening with El Five’s flight of desserts and coffee for me, wine for my friends. My personal favorite was the baklava – lots of heavenly flaky layers of goodness.


At the end of the evening, our server surprised us with a treat – El Five’s handcrafted sesame seed caramels. I could have eaten a whole bucket of them and been entirely satisfied.  IMG_0043

While El Five is not my normal restaurant scene, I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Denver. The views and the food are not to be missed.

If you can’t make it to El Five, I would check out the Edible Beats cookbook that was gifted to us to make your own unique flavors at home!

If you want to learn more about our experience at El Five Denver, then check out Jerrika’s post about it over on A Lady and Her Littles and Sam’s post on Beautiful Busy Life.


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Just a mom writing about my journey through motherhood, postpartum depression and anxiety, while working full time. Cooking and menu planning help keep me sane.

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